Jan Slabý, partner - experience in investment banking in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1996. Before he joined ECF, Jan spent more than five years with WOOD & Company, where he worked in the Corporate Finance department. He obtained a lot of experience with M&A transactions. He was involved with significant transactions in various sectors in the Czech and Slovak economy. Jan also worked in China for a year as the head of the analytical department and a project manager for PPF Investments.



Lubomír Dugovič, director - last three years effected at partner position in Raffles Investments Ltd., responsible for realization of M&A transactions and divestments. Experience in private and investment banking he gained by close co-operation with the Swiss private bank Anker Bank Zurich since 2000. He has no less than ten years of professional experience in various spheres of commerce, mostly in the area of investments, M&A, divestments, finance, and management of receivables, business and private banking. His professional experience includes several international corporations and a number of countries, also outside of Europe.



Jiří Melicherčík, senior manager - also experience in investment banking since 1996. During his career Jiří has worked, for example, in Stratego Invest and SI Corporate Finance, where, as a part of his activities, he was involved, for example, in the financial management of net4net, and the operational and financial management of GRAPE Services.



Viktor Šoltés, manager - experience in financial sector since 1999. He worked as investment analyst in PPF Asset Management and Conseq Investment Management, covering the CEE region. Before, he worked for the leading Slovak insurer Slovenská poisťovňa. Viktor is working on his postgraduate studies at the University of Economics in Prague. In March 2006, he ranked 6th in Global Management Challenge 2006 (Euromanager) competition organised by Microsoft, Czech Republic.


The main implementation team is supplemented by analysts that provide support for the implementation of the various projects.