Advisory Services

We assist our clients with the following activities, in particular:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) - includes primarily the identification of suitable acquisition targets, negotiations on the takeover of the target, organisation of the purchase process, co-ordination of other advisors necessary for the successful completion of a transaction, valuation of the acquisition target as a part of due diligence, arranging finance, and settlement of the transaction;
  • Divestments - comprises, in particular, the preparation, proposal, and co-ordination of the sales process, identification of and approaches to potential interested parties/investors, preparation of a memorandum of information, preparation and organisation of due diligence (data room, managerial interviews, etc.), setting the optimum structure for a transaction, selecting the best offer and settling a transaction;
  • Financial Restructuring - consists of financing and arranging the optimum structure for financing current business activities, as well as selecting and implementing the most suitable forms of financing with regard to a company's strategic aims;
  • Capital Markets - consists, in particular, of making use of capital market instruments, such as, primarily, shares (IPO, SPO, private placement) and bonds, for long-term company finance, recommendations regarding the size, form, market, and structure of an issue, an indicative valuation of an issue, preparation and proposal of an optimum issue process;
  • Financial Advice - is part of the previous activities, but it can be used independently for the various parts such as analysis of acquisition targets, divestment strategy, valuations, etc.